CPSC 110 Systematic Program Design Links

Name (link) Description
110 admin/setup related
Syllabus Course format, contents, policies, grading, etc. (MUST READ)
Setup How to setup accounts, computer, DrRacket, handin etc.
Schedule Shows which material is covered in lecture and lab. Problem set deadlines and midterms are also included on this schedule.
EdX In addition to the recipes below, this is "the textbook". But note that the edX numbered videos use old notation. Just the notation, not the concepts are out of date. So be sure to see diffs below.
Piazza Piazza - go here for course announcements and to ask content-related questions. (MUST READ)
Lecture Recordings Lecture recordings for review purposes
Lecture Notes Lecture notes including mark-ups added during lecture
Canvas Grades, iClicker Sync, and Zoom links for online office hours are on Canvas.
Practice Exams Exams from previous semesters. Do not assume that your term's exams will exactly follow the format of previous exams. Also note that some elements of the course change every term. The most recent exams are the best practice, the old exam topics will be relevant, but some details of the questions will be less relevant.
Course Team Who's who of CPSC 110
SPD content related
Lecture Index Lecture notes and in-lecture problem starters and solutions.
Labs Lab instructions and problems.
Problem Sets Problem set starters, solution notes, and solutions.
Problem Bank A collection of practice problems you can use to study the material. Unfortunately we do not yet have graders for most of these.
Design Recipes Reference material for all design recipes (core part of "the textbook")
Recipe Checklist A checklist for the design recipes (provided during exams)
Language Reference for the programming languages used in the course
Style Rules Style rules for 110 programs - indentation, formatting, names etc.
Glossary Technical terminology used in the course.
DIFFS Summary of the differences between the edX numbered videos (old), and all the other course content (updated)
Autograder Information about the autograder and how to interpret autograder feedback
Recipe Elements Schedule A schedule showing which design recipe elements are required in each module of the course. Start using it after module 2 to know exactly which design recipe elements you must include in problem sets and exams.