CPSC 110, Winter Term 1 and COVID

[last updated September 1]

No one can know for sure how the fall term is going to play out. UBC may get through the whole term in-person, we may go back to fully online, or many other scenarios might arise. There's just no way to be sure. So we have developed our planning with flexibility as the key element.

We are going to start the term with UBC's stated return to on-campus learning as a goal. We have one online lecture section (101), and three on campus lecture sections (102, 103, and 104). Lecture 104 will meet online from September 9th through September 19th. We have 32 lab sections, 8 of which are online. All of our lecture and lab sections are fully synchronous, meaning that you must attend and participate in your registered sections at the time they are scheduled. At least initially, our posted office hours for instructors and TAs will all be online. (See Piazza for a listing of these.)

We do expect there to be some students unable to attend face-to-face lectures or labs. For example, some students may not be able to travel to Vancouver or leave quarantine before the term starts, other students may have to go into quarantine during the term. Please have the courtesy to carefully read below for more detail about how to handle these problems. We want to help you, but in order to do that we need you to carefully read this document first. If there's something that truly isn't covered below please send an email to cpsc110-admin@cs.ubc.ca.

COVID Safety: For our in-person meetings in this class, it is important that all of us feel as comfortable as possible engaging in class activities while sharing an indoor space.

Masks that cover our noses and mouths are a primary tool to make it harder for COVID-19 to find a new host. Please wear a non-medical mask during our class meetings, for your own protection, and the safety and comfort of everyone else in the class. This includes any face-to-face lecture, lab, office hours, and exam settings.

If you have not yet had a chance to get vaccinated against COVID-19, vaccines are available to you, free and on campus. You can also register for your COVID-19 vaccine on the BC Government website. The higher the rate of vaccination in our community overall, the lower the chance of spreading this virus. You are an important part of the UBC community. Please arrange to get vaccinated if you have not already done so.

If you're sick, it's important that you stay home — no matter what you think you may be sick with (e.g., cold, flu, other). If you think you might have COVID symptoms and/or have tested positive for COVID then you are required to self-isolate: You can do a self-assessment for COVID symptoms here: https://bc.thrive.health/COVID19/en.

Here are some situations we expect to encounter, and our plan for dealing with them.

If you are not able to get to Vancouver before classes start.

Send email to cpsc110-admin@cs.ubc.ca as soon as possible. Provide all relevant details of the situation, including why you aren't able to be here, when you expect to arrive etc. We will work with you to provide you access to synchronous online lecture and lab sections. Our first choice will be to move you to section 101, so please indicate in your email whether you already have a class Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-12:30. Note that synchronous means that you will be expected to attend a lecture and lab section during the time that section is scheduled in Vancouver. Unless you have class during the time of our online sections you will not be able to do the lecture or lab section on your own time (asynchronously). Our reason for providing synchronous rather than asynchronous access is that students who get at all behind in 110 usually have a great deal of difficulty catching up, so we want to try to ensure that you do not fall behind at all, not even by a day.

If you are quarantining because you have just arrived in Vancouver, or self-isolating because you are not well or otherwise just being cautious; but are still able to work: Do not come to lecture or lab if you are sick, have COVID symptoms, have recently tested positive for COVID, or are required to quarantine. This precaution will help reduce risk and keep everyone safer.

To help in these cases:

If you become significantly ill, so much so that you cannot focus on schoolwork:

Midterm and Final Exams

The expectation in this course is that major assessments (i.e. midterms and the final exam) will be written in person. If you are in situation that prevents you from coming to campus for exams (e.g. geographic location, medical circumstance, or extenuating circumstances), you must apply for alternate format assessments through Science Advising. Please note that the deadline to apply is 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, September 20.

If you are sick on a midterm exam day, please email the course coordinator at cpsc110-admin@ca.ubc.ca as soon as you are confident you should not come to the scheduled exam. We would strongly prefer that you contact us to make an alternate arrangement than for you to come to the exam while you are ill. If you do show up for an exam and you are clearly ill, we will make alternate arrangements with you. It is much better for you to email ahead of time and not attend.

If you are sick on a final exam day, do not attend the exam. Please email the course coordinator at cpsc110-admin@cs.ubc.ca to notify them. You must apply for deferred standing (an academic concession) through Science Advising no later than 48 hours after the missed final exam. Students who are granted deferred standing write the final exam at a later date. Learn more and find the application online: https://science.ubc.ca/students/advising/concession.

If the instructor or TAs are sick, We will do our best to stay well, but if one of us becomes ill, develops COVID symptoms, or tests positive for COVID, then we will not come to class. If that happens, here are the alternatives we will try to deploy: